About me

peter_zeeI grew up in Santa Barbara, CA and attended UC Santa Cruz.  After a year on the East Coast working at Harvard, I moved to Bloomington, IN where I completed my Ph.D. at Indiana University with Jim Bever and Greg Velicer.  After IU, I did a quick stay at ETH Zurich before spending two years as an NSF Postdoc Fellowship at Stanford with Tad Fukami. I then split my time between Los Angeles and Davis, working as a postdoc with Casey terHorst (Cal State Northridge) and Sebastian Schreiber (UC Davis). In the Fall of 2017, I started as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time in nature hiking and camping. I also love playing basketball, traveling to see new places, enjoying music and films of all sorts.