Ph.D. – Indiana University (2012) 
Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior
Minor: Genetics
Committee: Jim Bever (co-advisor), Greg Velicer (co-advisor), Mike Wade, Curt Lively

B.S. – University of California – Santa Cruz (2006)
Major: Plant Sciences

Professional Experience

2017- present:Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS
2015-2017: Postdoctoral Scholar, California State University, Northridge & UC Davis
2013-2015: NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University
2012: Short-term postdoc, ETH Zürich
2011: NSF EAPSI Fellow, NZ Institute for Advanced Study
2006-2007: Harvard University, Research Assistant

Grants and awards
2013: NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship (Intersections of Biology and Mathematical and Physical Sciences)
2011: NSF East Asian and Pacific Summer Institutes Fellowship
2009-2013: NIH Genetics, Cellular, and Molecular Sciences Training Grant Trainee (Indiana University)